Ever since the early nineties, Dutch artists Henk Bezemer (1957) and Frank van
Oosten (1958) have worked together under the name Mishmash.

The artistic duo started their careers as actor and dancer and then switched to the
designing of sets and costumes, which eventually led to art and interior design. It is
obvious they were inspired by curiosity, enthusiasm and chances that crossed their
paths. They cooperate with architects, photographers, theatre makers and interior
Nowadays they mainly make assemblages and paintings. They also design complete
interiors for hotels and public spaces, often in combination with art because art is
distinctive and meaningful and gives a space an identity.
The unique assemblages are very popular amongst collectors. The pieces of art
sometimes remind you of antique showpieces or fetish statues.
The men of Mishmash search for and collect various objects, such as antiques and
worn-out appliances, jewels, distinctly expensive materials or treasures of nature.
These materials are never just collected, but picked for their aesthetics, their
emotional charge or brute force.
For Mishmash there is no hierarchy in materials. These so-called contradictions are
united in their assemblages.
A dialogue comes into being between nature and culture, past and present, art and
the ordinary. The pieces of art are overflowing with a sense of meaning with regard
to content and cultural-historical references, but leaves much space for any
association the viewer might have. Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that an
aesthetic piece of art has been created and precisely the big differences will tell us
viewers something about our way of thinking.
Other artwork of Mishmash, like murals and paintings can be found in, amongst
other places, concert hall De Doelen and the World Museum in Rotterdam, the town
halls in Ridderkerk and Nissewaard.
Every year their work is on display at various group exhibitions, events and art fairs.