Founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2007, Rademakers Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and creative agency that presents artworks by renowned as well as emerging artists at the interface of art, design, fashion and jewellery. Rademakers Gallery has over 20 years of experience selling and representing mostly female artists in the art world. The gallery participates in national and international fairs such as Art Rotterdam, PAD Paris, Volta Basel, Enter Art Fair Copenhagen, PAN Amsterdam and Design Miami. As a creative agency, our artists at Rademakers Gallery have had the opportunity to engage in diverse creative projects. For example, Jeroen van Kesteren has worked on window displays for Hermes, Simone Post has also collaborated with Hermes, Yamuna Forzani has partnered with Filling Pieces and Pom Amsterdam, and House of Rubber has created works for Heineken.


At Rademakers Gallery, there are two main pillars for the way we operate. First, the aim is to strengthen the position of female artists in the art world. This is why we represent mainly female artists. This is exactly the other way around from regular practice on the art market, which is currently dominated by male artists. Additionally, we are passionate about sustainability, which is deeply rooted in many of our artist’s practices. For example, our artist Joana Schneider works with discarded ropes and viscose thread from recycled plastic, Simone Post creates work from misprinted vlisco fabrics and Sebiha Demir uses empty bulletshells used in police training to create sculptural animals.


The founder of Rademakers Gallery, Pien Rademakers, is an art historian who has a passion for the multidisciplinarity in the arts and strongly values an inspiring context where all creative disciplines merge together. She loves the overlap between art and design, and thinks there does not have to be a distinction between the two. It is impossible to view art from one angle only as all disciplines influence and inspire each other. Every show, artist and work is personally chosen and curated by Pien Rademakers, with an open minded, colorful and feminine vision. She is committed to present balanced and accessible exhibitions and programs that strengthen the position of all the artists she strongly believes in. In doing so, the Gallery functions as a platform for discovering talent alongside presenting eminent artists. 


As we believe in the gallery as a platform for creativity to come together, we do not only sell art, but also provide personal advice and act as a creative agency. Whether you're looking to buy a single work of art, or need support with establishing a coherent and outstanding art collection. From a thorough knowledge and years of experience, we work discreetly and reliably for private clients, professionals and businesses like interior designers and embassies. Then, if you are looking for something specific and unique, we can assist in commisioning works by our wonderful artists and create new art together.


Pien Rademakers



Rademakers Gallery proudly supports the following initiatives and institutions:

De Vereniging van Nederlandse Kunsthistorici (VNK)

Atelier Néerlandais


As of July 2023 Rademakers Gallery complies with the  Gallery Fair Practice Code as specified by the Nederlandse Galerie Associatie:

1. The gallery records in writing the relationship between the gallery and the artist, including agreements regarding the duration of the partnership, prices and any applicable discounts. Other matters that may be recorded in this document include: monitoring and evaluation of the agreements, both parties’ targets (e.g. in terms of international exposure), the relationship with a second gallery, agreements concerning the handling of any discounts, commissions from third parties, or the settlement of other expenses such as for transport, photography, insurance or the construction of an exhibition. Model contracts are available on the Dutch Gallery Association (NGA) website.


2. The artist remains the owner of their work until the full amount is paid to the gallery, with the exception of secondary trading. This also applies in the event of gallery bankruptcy.


3. The gallery shall transfer the full artist’s share of the selling price agreed with the customer within 60 days following the sale of the artist’s work, and provide the artist with the buyer’s name, contact details, and a copy of the invoice.


4. Unsold artworks in consignment with the gallery shall always be returned to the artist within a month, when requested by the artist.


5. The relationship between galleries may involve an element of competition, but it must always be underpinned by loyalty to the best interests of the artist, especially in situations where multiple galleries represent the same artist. If a gallery exclusively represents an artist and another gallery wishes to collaborate on an exhibition, all parties must establish written agreements outlining the terms and conditions for the exhibition to proceed (refer to the appendix for a sample contract provided by the NGA).


6. The gallery is expected to demonstrate expertise and professionalism, consistently upholding a high standard of professional competence.


7. The gallery assures the authenticity of the artworks it sells. If, however, it is determined, by an acknowledged independent party, that a work is inauthentic, the gallery will accept the return of the artwork and reimburse the customer for the amount paid.


8. The gallery states its objectives, program, working method, and features its roster of artists on its website.


9. The gallery is expected to comply with the Fair Practice Code (fairpracticecode.nl), which includes reassurance against inappropriate behaviour at the gallery and elsewhere.