Joana Schneider


Joana Schneider (1990), born in Munich and currently living and working in The Netherlands, is a recent graduate from the Royal Academy in The Hague.


As a contemporary artist, Joana Schneider uses traditional techniques from Dutch craftsmen and natural, sustainable or recycled materials. Just as the fishermen in the port of Katwijk are her teachers in making her expressive and theatrical masks from colorful recycled fishing ropes and nets, she studied the age-old techniques of the thatchers.
It offers us food for thought about phenomena such as handicrafts and craft that are no longer appreciated in our contemporary (digital) world, as a result of which knowledge and the age-old culture are in danger of disappearing, but also about typical male professions such as fisherman and thatcher. As a tribute, she made "De Rietdekster", a portrait of a female thatcher on a roof. For the Flux series or the dune and prairie landscapes with bright shiny colors and color gradients, she has been using a self-developed machine and a self-invented technique to wrap shiny yarns around the fishing ropes for a year now. However, she recently discovered that she could wrap not just one color but several colors around one rope, creating beautiful smooth color gradients and surprisingly giving the work picturesque qualities, as if Joana were painting with yarns. Another unexpected surprise was that despite the manual work, the artwork looks digital; the individual colors are reminiscent of pixels. It gives an extra layer to De Rietdekster.


Winner in 2018 of the "Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Award" from the Royal Academy The Hague


Depot Boijmans van Beuningen Museum

Landverhuizersmuseum Rotterdam

Museum Arhus


Blue Knowledge Art Collection

Lakeside Art Collection