Leonie Schneider 

Leonie Schneider (1993), born in Munich and currently living and working in The Netherlands, is a recent graduate from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague.

Narratives are an inspiration for Leonie her entire life. She builds up characters in her mind and brings them to life, either through painting their interactions on large scale textiles or by welding metal constructions. She works with opposing techniques that both serve the goal of constructing a story. In her paintings, she describes the emotional, sometimes shocking occurences in the relationships of her characters. She does this in a detailed manner, spending many hours on creating the environments of the scenes. Family constellation plays a big role in the way she assembles the figures. In contrast to her passion for painting, her love for welding metal results in symbolic, powerful, animalistic sculptures. 


Storytelling in art

In the series of paintings she tells a story about six brothers and sisters; in each painting one of them takes the lead. Just as a writer feels a bond with his or her characters, Schneider builds a bond with these family members. She paints their emotions, circumstances and interactions in full scenes in which humor, power, ego, discomfort and violence also play a role. It is remarkable that there is no trace of parents. The artist finds an interesting fact that children are forced to be condemned to each other, have to care for each other and deal with the responsible parental role.


Leonie Schneider is a storyteller. Her paintings, sculptures and works on textile often have characteristic characters and a concrete action or activity. Attracted by the theatrical nature of everyday social interaction, she paints colorful fictional family scenes and domestic scenes. Recently she has also started recording these subjects on carpets in collaboration with the Textile Museum Tilburg.


In 2020 nominated for The Royal Award for Modern Painting.



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