Yamuna Forzani

Yamuna Forzani (1993) was born in England and currently lives and works in the Netherlands. She graduated from the Textile & Fashion department at The Hague’s Royal Academy of Art, celebrates the ballroom culture in a multidisciplinary practice that combines fashion, photography, dance, installation, and social design through inclusive public events. Forzani’s collection of twenty-four multi-coloured knit outfits are also debuted in the ball, interweaving the design with the real-world context that inspired it.


Every Colour of the Rainbow


Yamuna’s collection is designed not to exclude any individual but to be genderful, celebrating the multiplicity of roles and identities that we embody within social structures.


As Forzani continues to gain prominence in the art world, she's committed to serving and celebrating the ballroom community which has welcomed and supported her on her journey- and recognizing her privilege. 'I am queer, but I am also cis and white,' she says. 'So as someone in a space which is predominantly trans and BPOC, I know that this community hasn't beenmade for me.  I've been accepted, but I'm a guest'. Now rather than focus on showing her own designs at the Utopia Ball, Forzani directs most of her energy into producing and art directing the event as a way to spotlight emerging designers. 'Celebrating and empowering [LGBTQIA + people] through my practice is something that I really , really love to do and it brings me a lot of joy and purpose' she says. 'it is for the community by the community'.


Textile Universe


Yamuna portrays her powerful, inclusive, colourful message in immersive textile works. The works are created together with the Textiellab, where her images are jacquard-woven with a special device. After the image is woven, she herself meticulously sews pearls and beads on them by hand, creating her own special universe.

TextielMuseum Tilburg
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
Frans Hals Museum Haarlem
On now:
Museum Jan
Design Museum Den Bosch | Sept - Feb

Winner  Dutch Design Award  Fashion  2022
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