Florentijn de Boer

Florentijn de Boer (1993), a talented artist born in Voorburg and currently residing in the Netherlands, recently graduated from the Fine Arts department at the Royal Academy in The Hague.


Eco-friendly Abstract Art on Canvas

In her artistic practice, Florentijn primarily works with oil-stick on canvas, utilizing unprepared linen for eco-friendly purposes. This choice of material aligns with her commitment to sustainability. Through her vibrant and abstract paintings, she offers viewers an opportunity to observe and experience art in an unconventional manner.


Elements of Magical Realism and Momentary States in the Passage of Time

Magical realism serves as a prominent element in Florentijn de Boer's work. Her previous abstract series beautifully merged fragments of magical realism, manga comic books, lush landscapes with unknown flora, and otherworldly civilizations. However, her newer works focus on still life paintings of layered flowers with a more figurative and domestic approach. These compositions emphasize the concept of transience and purity. By freezing time on the canvas, the artist captures flowers, shapes, and patterns in their momentary state, suspended between development and inevitable decay. She also introduces the suggestion of movement within her works, as if a gentle breeze animates the fabric or causes flower leaves to vibrate. Vague outlines hint at the absence of an original object that had basked in the sunlight for an extended period, leaving an empty space behind. Through this portrayal, the artist seeks to convey the effects of the sun and the passage of time.


Exploration of Spatial Patterns

In contrast to traditional still life paintings by old masters, Florentijn's compositions isolate and extract flowers from their natural context. The underlying landscapes consist of repeating graphic patterns inspired by reliefs, mosaic floors, and tiles found in Italy. Through her artistic expression, she manipulates these patterns to suit her imagination, exemplified in works like "Touch Nothing Never Nowhere." By digitally cutting, pasting, resizing, and overlapping elements, certain parts become invisible or obscured. This technique allows the artist to explore spatial and depth effects, adding an intriguing dimension to her art.


Abstract Oil Pastel Flowers and Plants

Florentijn de Boer often finds inspiration in the natural world. Her preferred medium is oil pastels on unprocessed linen, intentionally leaving parts of the canvas exposed. This technique creates a dynamic impression, where shapes appear to fly in and out of the painting. On average, each artwork undergoes around ten phases, with recognizable forms such as flowers and plants gradually evolving into abstract representations. Florentijn describes her creative process by saying, "I try to keep drawing until all reality disappears from the image." What remains are colorful, dynamic compositions—an encapsulation of frozen moments within a larger narrative.


Eco-Friendliness, Magical Realism, and Thoughtful Artistic Expression

Florentijn de Boer's captivating artworks can be appreciated by individuals and institutions who value contemporary art that merges eco-friendliness, magical realism, and thoughtful artistic expression.






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