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Jhonie van Boeijen

Jhonie van Boeijen (1992) is a Dutch artist who specializes in exploring the connections between consumer behavior, identity, and nationality. She is also passionate about understanding the psychological and sociological aspects of consumerism and has a keen interest in gastronomy, nutrition, and food psychology.


Packaging Affecting Consumerism

Van Boeijen's fascination with consumerism dates back to her childhood, as she grew up surrounded by packages and price tags in her parents' toy store. The colors and designs of the products intrigued her, and she became captivated by how they could influence people's desire to purchase specific items. She further pursued her interests during her bachelor's program at the Hoge School voor de Kunsten Utrecht, initially focusing on grocery stores.


Connections between Behavior, Identity & Nationality

However, it was during her time at the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, where she pursued her master's degree, that van Boeijen fully delved into the subject of consumerism. Additionally, while she was a visiting artist at OTIS College of Art and Design, she began to notice the intricate connections between consumer behavior, identity, and nationality.


How the Pandemic Changed the Psychological Consumer Behavior

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic further intensified her focus on consumer behavior. Van Boeijen actively explored the changes in consumer behavior during the pandemic and gained insights into how the crisis had influenced people's purchasing decisions. Her research and observations have led her to develop a deep interest in psychology, sociology, and philosophy related to consumerism. Her thought-provoking collections aim to shed light on the complex dynamics of consumer behavior and its broader implications.



Centraal Museum Utrecht


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