Inez Carmen


Inez Carmen



 Just Graduated

Inez Carmen (1998), currently living and working in the Netherlands, is a graduate from the Textile & Fashion department at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.

Inez Carmen creates wearable sculptures which always find their inspiration in the

human body itself. She celebrates the female body in this. Inez bridges absurdity and fashion, in which bold colour combinations and dessins play an important role.



The objectification


The collection of Inez started by asking herself whether humanity is growing into the idea of seeing ourselves as an object. This object can possibly be designed according to our wishes, and if so, we could change our appearance to meet those wishes.

Through the years, humankind has developed the possibility to design and sculpt the human body, for instance, with plastic surgery or in becoming a cyborg.

The subject of plastic surgery is quite taboo, however we can feel the pressure to meet 'social beauty standards’ in order to matter in our society.

Inez Carmen is intrigued by the different ways people try to meet ‘social beauty

standards’, what is the definition of these, and what role plays the female body in this?

Inez questions these beauty standards in her work, this is done by blowing up,

tightening or adding body parts. She looks for the metamorphosis of the female human body.

Having the resources and time to be concerned about your appearance is a privilege. Inez is intrigued by this, and explores this matter in her pieces, they make the viewer think about the modification and fragility of the human body