Chris Rijk (1995) was born in the Netherlands and currently lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated cum laude from the College of the Arts in Utrecht (HKU) in 2017.


Delft Blue


Inspired by the ultimate Dutch trademark of Delft Blue, Chris conveys his playful artistic message through the craftsmanship of ceramics. He portrays intricate, storytelling, critical and sometimes erotic gay pictures on conventional objects, such as vases and plates, but also creates new objects in the well-known medium of earthenware, such as slippers.


With his work, Chris pays homage to craftsmen and criticizes contemporary society through whimsical text and image. Through this, Chris creates his own environment.


Did you know for Pride Month  2024 Chris Rijk has an article about his ceramic art in Mr Mothly?  Besides that  Rademakers Gallery curated a Pride Month Collection including daring Delftsblue by our gay potter, 

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