Maayke Schuitema

Maayke Schuitema (The Hague, 1974) lives and works in the Netherlands. She studied ballet at The Royal Conservatory and Fine Arts at the Royal Academy in The Hague. 

She works with large-scale linocuts, which are printed, by hand, on Kozo Paper especially made for her in the Prefecture of Kochi in Japan. 


Outspoken in black and white 

Maayke's present work is more direct than ever. She relates in her work to black&white photography and the affiche art; it propagates, communicates and encourages reflection. The women in her definite black graphic lines enter, BAM, directly.


Artworks as a biography

Her oeuvre touches on her own life and is therefore readable as a biography. The artworks reflect the delicate balance between private and public; Maayke's role as a daughter of a bipolar mother, her own motherhood, her position as an artist, her capacity as a partner and her involvement in the women's movement.

The liaison between the expression of body postures, empathy and moods are important tendencies and visual elements in her work. 


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