Janne Schipper



Janne Schipper (1996) lives and works in the Netherlands. She graduated the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) at the visual arts department with a specialization in sculpture in 2018. 


Janne’s practice includes installations, sculptures, poetry, photographs, drawings, textile works and performances. 


“For me it is important that what I create springs from sensitive intuition; a magical visual language which is intrinsically ambiguous. One that appears from a kind of childish penchant for a world where things arise and disappear at a certain moment. In which physical as well as mental human dimensions are related to something incomprehensible, serving no function, being without beginning or end. In my practice I employ several artistic methodologies, following art-making as an existential enquiry.”


Janne Schipper has been working with wood, plaster, clay and stone. These materials allow a sense for the monumental and can simultaneously preserve small and intricate details, creating a sensitive sculpture or installation. Here, she finds is important to include vulnerability. Insecurity is present in making art, but also in audiences observing art.