Sebiha Demir

Sebiha Demir (1978), born in Lochem and currently living and working in The Netherlands, graduated from the Aki-Artez Academy for Art & Design in 2004.


Bullets transformed into lifelike wildlife 


Demir creates sculptures of animals out of an unconventional material; .22 bullet shells used in police training. This choice of material strengthens the idea that she aims to send with her work. Demir is inspired by the increasing threat of human behaviour to exotic animals and the ambiguous relationship between human and animal. The playful postures and glowing, almost fuzzy, surfaces of the gorillas, elephants, panthers, penguins and bears, give them a pet-like, cuddly quality. This intensifies the contrast between the initial appearance of the sculpture and the seriousness of Demir’s message. 


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