Pedro Matias (1984) was born in Lisbon and works and lives in the Netherlands, Matias is an artist, researcher and film-maker. Pedro Matias holds a MFA from Sandberg Institute (Fine Arts Department) and a MA (Philosophy - Aesthetics) from the New University of Lisbon. 


Their work facilitates time based spaces to encounter the stranger matter; the stranger body; the stranger self. Pedro’s work shape-shifts across mediums, as a necessary feature of its form, composition, and politics, operating in liminal spaces of regeneration.

Their practice facilitates inclusive supportive structures, to empower the stranger, yet familiar, critically engaging with eco-feminst, (queer) vitalism and new materialist theories. Pedro’s urgency lays upon developing artistic research frameworks that favour softer and more vulnerable environments: regenerative spaces of reflection, to facilitate ecological and body awareness.

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