Haevan Lee lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands and Seoul, Republic of Korea. 


Haevan Lee is a contemporary artist who expresses the regional context of specific places through various forms including painting, installation, video. DMZ Landscape Series turns restricted or photography-prohibited areas into paintings. The artist has created painting-sculptures by superimposing the layers of landscapes that she experienced while staying at Peace Culture Bunker, an anti-tank defense shelter built after armed North Korean guerillas invaded Seoul, South Korea in January 1968, and presented the works in the exhibition Goliaths, Tanks (Seoul, 2018). She is planning and producing Dopa+Project, a collaborative project which explores the sustainability of collectives across borders by collaborating with multinational artists, researchers and experts in various fields. And she currently contributes to various exhibitions including Pyeongchang Biennale (2017) and Bangkok Art Biennale (2020).

'For me, art is attitude towards the life. and ‘art is to connect between the visible world and the invisible world, the familiar world and unfamiliar world.’ With the third eye. The third eye is my translation, view, attitude, fantasy.'