Eka Acosta


Eka Acosta

Eka Acosta, born in 1970 in Paris and raised in Buenos Aires, is a renowned artist and sculptor currently residing in Sweden. Although his career initially began in design and interior design in Argentina and Paraguay, his passion for art and sculpture led him to travel to Europe in pursuit of further studies.


Animals of Wire Metal Nets

Upon settling in Sweden, Eka Acosta devoted himself to developing his unique and unconventional technique. He specializes in sculpting animals using wire metal net, a medium that allows him to capture the natural movement and essence of each creature. His attention to subtle details, coupled with his patience, skill, and varied experience, have been instrumental in his success as an artist.


Transparency of the Sculptures

One of the defining features of Eka Acosta's sculptures is the transparency of the material, which enhances the elegance, charm, and character of each individual piece. Through his art, he brings these animals to life, showcasing their beauty and grace in meticulously crafted, life-size sculptures.

Eka Acosta's work is a testament to his artistic talent and his ability to capture the essence of the animal kingdom through his unique and innovative sculpting technique.