Bonnie Severien


Bonnie Severien

Bonnie Severien (1978) born in Heerhugowaard and currently living and working in the Netherlands, graduated in 2007 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

She was nominated five times for the Royal Prize for Painting, and her paintings have been exhibited in the Royal Palace Amsterdam and the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, among others. 


'In an increasingly urbanized world, the need to find a balance between architecture and nature is more urgent than ever. 
My artworks depict a new reality in which a dreamed symbiosis between modernist architecture and nature arises. 
"Since my childhood I have always lived in newly built houses, an empty white cube around which nature still had to grow. 
My need for the clean order that mid-century buildings provide has laid the foundation for my paintings. 
I create a symbiosis between the utopian-inspired modernist architecture and paradisiacal and luxuriant nature. 
Architecture and nature together become a new oasis, they merge and are reflected in each other. 
The open architecture gives space to nature and plants and trees invite contemplation and inspire the viewer. 
The works evoke a mysterious, serene atmosphere; because of the physical absence of people, the works become quiet places that offer space to muse."




Included in the collections of:


Fries Museum, Leeuwarden
DELA, Eindhoven
Océ - Canon Venlo
Houthoff Buruma, Amsterdam