Victor de Groot

Victor de Groot (1999), was born in the Netherlands where he currently lives and works.

Victor  graduated in 2023 from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) from the department of Interior Architecture & Furniture Design.


Victor  bounces around between art and design. In both types of works, he has a working method guided by a certain intuition. In his art the colours and outlining connect it to comic books and cartoons, which use recognisable visuals that are understandable for everyone, similar to children’s books. The cartoon style connects it to the innocence of the fiction of a comic book, which results in people letting their guard down. I can use this innocence as a tool which can lead to something interesting.  


His design mostly consists of plexiglass pieces. He uses this material to create something that sits between art and design, if those can be separated anyway. His pieces often work well together with light which creates a different kind of presence.