Anne Mei Poppe

Anne Mei Poppe is a dedicated and passionate artist currently based in The Netherlands. Through her paintings, Poppe beautifully captures the intricate and profound interconnectedness between our lives and the world around us. Her artwork serves as a mirror, reflecting the way we depend on and are intricately linked with the environment, people, and objects that surround us.


Female Figures in Everyday Situations with a Contemporary Lens and Vibrant Colors

One of the recurring themes in Poppe's work is the portrayal of female figures in everyday situations. She skillfully captures these moments with a touch of fantasy and a contemporary lens, presenting a unique perspective that invites viewers to see the extraordinary within the ordinary. Her use of vivid and vibrant colors adds a sense of vitality and energy to her artwork, further enhancing the impact and emotional depth of each piece.


Young Talented Student

Continuing her artistic journey, Poppe is currently in her second year at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. This esteemed institution provides a fertile creative environment for aspiring artists to hone their skills, experiment with different techniques, and explore their artistic visions. Through this immersive program, Poppe is undoubtedly expanding her artistic horizons and further refining her unique style.



With her passion for art and her dedication to honing her craft, Anne Mei Poppe is undoubtedly an artist to watch. Through her thought-provoking and visually captivating paintings, she invites viewers to delve deeper into the interconnectedness of our lives and the beauty found in everyday moments.

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