Marjolijn Mandersloot


Marjolijn Mandersloot (1959), born in Veldhoven and currently living and working in The Netherlands, graduated in 1988 at the Academy of Industrial Design Eindhoven (currently known as the Design Academy Eindhoven).


In her work she uses a great variety of materials, such as leather, wool felt and bronze. Surrounded by Mandersloots art, we are in good company. The recognisable human or animal figures are an important source of inspiration, however, their main purpose is to serve as a metaphor. Each figure seems to possess a fabulous acting talent. Poses and material expression create unique personalities which do not leave the viewer untouched. Leaving out details, using unrealistic proportions and highlighting certain parts of the figures cause a pleasant confusion.

Ambiguity represses recognisability and invites the viewer to observe in a different manner. Are we seeing what we think we see? Her heavy bronze sculptures almost seem to consist of liquid candle wax or soft rubber and her playful artworks made of thick leather exude a feeling finely crafted luxury. It’s exactly that surprising tactility that gives Mandersloots artworks their enchantment.


UMC - Amsterdam