Robin Speijer

Robin Speijer (1997) lives and works in the Netherlands and her work focuses on a combination of color, light and textures. At first glance, the subject seems to be the many forms of fabric. The feel of the material and its ability to take on many different shapes fascinates her. She captures the folds that naturally occur, carefully framing them within her paintings. These details have been zoomed in on and enlarged, creating depth and softness. In doing so she separates the material from the context it was contained in, allowing it to be viewed differently. The paintings, however objective the painter intended them to be, contain an emotional intimacy that arises from the artist’s subjective methods for composition and framing. Standing in front of Robin’s paintings, one feels as if she wants to share their duality in material: the intimacy of the soft fabrics that nurture us, and the paint on canvas that represents this layer by layer.