Natasja Alers

Natasja Alers (1987) is a visual artist based in The Netherlands. She studied ceramics at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam and fine arts at the Weissensee KunstHochschule in Berlin, Germany. 


Alers sensual ceramics

In her artistic research Alers focuses on the human body and inner world of the human mind, but also how the body can relate to a sculpture. Raw emotion but also sensuality are part of her visual language. Alers search for the authentic desire for connection and meaning by inviting the viewer to experience the works to feel and touch them, to create an intimate situation between the artwork and the viewer which eventually will get them closer to the inner world of the artist.


 Ceramics made to touch

Shiny, juicy and plump, the ceramic works resemble a string of intestines or dripping sausages draped into a tower. The unique ceramic objects are attractive and repulsive at the same time, sensual and raw. The collages of human body parts and the exuberant colorful and shiny glazes ask to be touched and at the same time the maker offers a glimpse into her inner emotional life.
The specific color combinations of the "visceral" glazes refer to internal organs and define how the human body can relate to a sculpture. Natasja Alers plays with that tension, those paradoxical feelings.


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