Barbara Nanning

Barbara Nanning (1957), born in The Hague and currently living and working in The Netherlands.


In 1994, Barbara Nanning worked with glass for the first time at the invitation of the National Glass Museum and the Royal Leerdam Glass Factory. Initially, in what was for her an unfamiliar, remote material, she remained true to her ceramic form language, creating blown objects that were made into new forms by sawing and then grinding and polishing them. Often these small objects with globular extensions were given a new visual resting point by gluing a pure cylinder onto them. There were also remarkable dishes with patterns of cut lines and satiny inner surfaces. In the following years, glass increasingly took the lead in her activities. By working at different locations – the Royal Leerdam, the Glass Centre in Leerdam and the Van Tetterode glass atelier in Amsterdam – she gained increasing affinity with the material. Out of her Dutch work she has developed new ideas which since 2001 have been executed in the Czech Republic. Besides working with blown glass, she also makes occasional excursions into fused glass. Three chests with decorative glass panels and a commission for monumental windows have ensued from well-nigh endless experiments with pattern and structure.