Cathalijn Wouters

Cathalijn Wouters (1955), born in Tilburg and currently living and working in The Netherlands, graduated in 1980 at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda.


In her work she uses a great variety of techniques and materials, such as oil paint on canvas and ink on paper. She also explores the relation between different techniques with growing interest. Finding the similarities between the poetic and the robust is an important theme in the work of Cathalijn Wouters. The artist thoroughly examines these apparent visual contrasts. To Wouters, the drawing is an extension of the thought. With a few lines, she captures the moment of a pose, a gesture. She hereby creates a subtle interplay between figuration and abstraction, where the human body is an important reoccurring theme. She seeks to preserve both the intuitive directness of the drawing and the dynamic act of painting. The drawn or painted figures of people, always naked with classical overtones, emerge from and disappear into the unfathomable depths of colour and form.