Jimmy Nelson


Jimmy Nelson born (1967) in Sevenoaks (GB) and currently living and working in The Netherlands, started working as a photographer in 1987. Having spent 10 years at a Jesuit boarding school in the North of England, he set off on his own to traverse the length of Tibet on foot. The journey lasted a year and upon his return his unique visual diary, featuring revealing images of a previously inaccessible Tibet, was published to wide international acclaim. 


In 2013 he published his first book Before They Pass Away, with which his lifelong dream, to create awareness about the world’s unimaginable diversity, became reality.
The name chosen for this project had roused attention as it may give the impression that he pessimistically saw the sealed fate of those peoples he had come to meet. And maybe this is how he initially felt. But since he published his first book, his sustained and amazing interaction with the most diverse range of peoples have made him backtrack on this view. Where there are challenges, there are solutions. He has come to appreciate the pride, strength, vigour, honour and resilience of the people he asked to pose for his lens. This provides him with an unending inspiration to continue his work and set up the Jimmy Nelson Foundation.
The book Homage to Humanity with the included mobile application will reveal an intimate insight to the peoples of over thirty iconic cultures from around the world. It will give you the opportunity to be captivated into unknown and unspoiled realms, filled with the pageantry of ancient tradition.