Lisette van Hoogenhuyze




Lisette van Hoogenhuyze

Lisette van Hoogenhuyze (1991) was born in the Netherlands and works and lives in between the Netherlands and Portugal. She graduated from University of Arts Utrecht (HKU) in Fine Arts in 2019, after obtaining an art history degree from the University of Amsterdam (UvA)


Van Hoogenhuyzen is a multimedia artist. Her paintings, sculptures and textile installations merge feminine figures, natural motifs and ageless symbols in a critical examination of identity, collective memory and language. As an avid traveler, Lisette has developed an interest in the habits and behaviours of different cultures, having found a unified longing for belonging in the people she met during her journeys. Her colourful and layered pieces take audiences on a trip across different contemporary (sub)cultures, defying habitual representations of femininity and nature in an ironic ode to rebellion and joy. Ancient beasts, rituals and present-day references fill her production, appearing in both abstract and figurative forms that similarly defy static parameters of normativity.



Lately, her work has incorporated marine iconography such as shells, coralswatery and metaphorical creatures. In a series of tufted work combined with painting, the artist ironically explores the ageless image of water flooding the earth to catastrophic consequences, probing legendary references through a modern-day fear of apocalypse transmitted on social media.