Florentijn de Boer

Florentijn de Boer (1993), born in Voorburg and currently living and working in The Netherlands, is a newly graduate from the Fine Arts department at the Royal Academy in The Hague.


She predominantly works with oil-stick on canvas. The canvases she uses are made of unprepared linen, a material she has chosen because of it’s eco-friendliness. With her colourful, abstract paintings she ables the viewer to observe and experience in an unconventional manner.

The paintings by Florentijn de Boer are not separate, rigid works of art. They are dependent on each other in their right to exist. Every element, every shape and color is a result of the previous work. 

Florentijn de Boer's paintings form a kind of film stills, or fragments. Sometimes a specific detail is zoomed in, sometimes zoomed out or filmed from a different angle. The abstract figures that play the leading role in her canvases are not standing still, but are mobile and erratic. She does not paint with brushes, but uses her fingers. The figures are thus in a certain sense trapped with her bare hands. 


Her paintings have been purchased for the corporate collections of NN and Deloitte.