Rob Visje (1962), born and living in the Netherlands, studied art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. He is a professor of painting on different Art Academies. His work has been exhibited at many solo- and group- shows nationally and internationally.


Visje feels, thinks and dreams paint. Impasto brushstrokes against fine subtile glacis, home paint, industrial lacker, glossy against mat, drawing with charcoal and chunky oil bars and throwing with pure pigments. Challenging himself with these materials leads to expressing his artistic interpretation of mostly photographed images.


In his paintings he reacts to representations in the visual culture of contemporary media using different styles and clashing images. Amidst these conflicting languages, he tells a new story. This story can be about art, modernism, politics and emotions. From the stream of images, Visje creates a new intensity in paint, giving the viewer the opportunity to shape their own image of the world around us.