Isa van Lier


Isa van Lier(1996), born in Amsterdam and currently living and working in The Netherlands is a recent graduate from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague.
Working with many different materials, from oil paintings to ceramic sculptures and room filling installations, Isa van Lier’s work is abundant and colorful and at the same time contains a silent wisdom that speaks to your intuitive bodily way of understanding of form.
Everything she does can be traced back to her research of ‘exploring the boundaries between form and non-form’. Where does a form begin and where does it end? The direct making process is the core of this research. In her work the 2D and the 3D create a dynamic dialogue between ‘the lightness’ of her paintings vs the physicality of the sculptures.
In an endless creative stream of exploring form and material she creates a world that opens up a playground of fragments that wants to be touched and shaped like a puzzle.
Allowing the viewer to step in without thoughts, she promotes a way of understanding trough intuition, body and soul instead of ratio hierarchy and concepts.
She calls her work a combination between ‘’the abundance and fastness of a supermarket in 2020 and the ancient wisdom that lies within the zen stone gardens you can find in Japan’’.

Winner of the Certificate of Excellence, Jan Roëde Award, 2020.