Studio Irma

Artist Irma de Vries (1980) studied at the Rietveld Academie Amsterdam (2004). De Vries has worked with artists like Peter Greenaway, Robert Wilson, Shirin Neshat and many others, making animations and video editing for shows and exhibitions. In her early 30s, she became very sick, not knowing she had an auto-immune disease. On the path to healing her mind and body, she ultimately realized: Art is healing. She discovered that image and movement, combined with color and sound, can induce positive hormones, critical for balancing stress hormones. From then on, she applied her findings to each of her artworks. Together, she and her team create installations of all scales and brightness. The artist is referred to as Studio Irma to honor the team she works with because it is purely a collective and collaborative effort.


Life is Organic

Life is Organic - is a generative digital artwork. As in life, not one day, minute, nor second is the same.

 Swirling fluid designs move slowly like the passing clouds of our childhood. Shifting organic formations take you on a dream-filled journey of introspection. With endless references to the formation of cells, growth rings of a tree, or water as the ultimate life force - Studio Irma reveals that Life is Organic.

 In an infinite cycle of cellular division, the relationship between cells can be seen as they push and pull one another. There is no control over the image - it simply forms and reforms itself. The artwork is designed to invoke peace and tranquility. From the comfort of your home, you and your guests delightedly wander through the endless details and possibilities that life gives us.

 The chosen colors are based on the unique vibrancy of rocks, crystals and minerals. In a dance of natural color and light, played over the screen, Life is Organic begins to work as light therapy. By communicating a feeling of calm-serenity, the healing powers of this series of artworks positively influence any environment: home, office, lobby or waiting room. Surrender to the only constant of change, and see that Life is Organic. 

 In detail, a small computer plays the moving image in 4K on 60 FPS - the highest resolution. The artwork comes with a small menu, where the owner can decide to hang the screen horizontally or vertically. Furthermore, it has a speed adjuster, which can be used for your desired preference. Studio Irma wishes for you to alter the energy of the artwork and uniquely fit your space. A selection of screens is available for a more personalized choice of size. Additionally, Studio Irma can create frames for your screen in-house with the possibility for further size customization of screen + frame.   


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