AAF Amsterdam

Kromhouthallen in Amsterdam, 27 - 31 October 2021
Booth A19

Pien Rademakers chose both renowned and emerging female artists, diverse in their thematology and technique, but all of them excelling in their craftsmanship brought in the contemporary context. At our booth A19 at Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam you will only find female artists: Jessi Strixner, Yamuna Forzani, Simone Post, Mae Engelgeer, Leonie Schneider and Bonnie Severien.


For example, our female artist Jessi Strixner carves out of one piece and recreates clothes in wood with a special sense of humor. She emphasises on the transformation of the soft fabric into the hard material giving it a special surface. By putting it on the wall the cloth changes from a simple commodity into an iconic object that tells every viewer an individual story.

Bonnie Severien introduces a new edition at the art fair this year. This new work is in her favourite theme: flower still lifes. But now at more affordable prices: only 350 euros. There are six different types of images to choose from. Ideal for the novice collector!


We also represent Yamuna Forzani. We will not only show her in our booth A19 but her work will also be presented at the main square at the fair as she is the ambassador of the fair this year.


For free tickets you may contact us at info@rademakersgallery.com. There is a limited number of available tickets so hurry!