Lola van Praag



Lola van Praag

Lola van Praag (1992) lives and works in The Netherlands. She's a textile artist and fashion designer. In both roles she works with appliqué, embroidery, digital printing, silkscreen printing and industrial knitting techniques in order to create intricate textile pieces.

After finishing her bachelor's degree in Fashion at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Lola moved to Sweden in order to follow the Master's programme in Textile Design at The Swedish School of Textiles. In 2019 she finished her second Master's programme in Menswear Fashion at the University of Westminder in London.


Reusing and leftover materials

In Sweden, Lola learned to work with industrial knitting machines. Combined with a persistent focus to increase her textile abilities, this resulted in a collection of textile art named "It's Not a Flower". The collection was a study into the symbolism of the flower throughout the ages and in different media - from Renaissance paintings to modern photography.

In both her work as a textile artist and fashion designer Lola puts a lot of importance on sustainability. Whether through reusing materials or working with leftover fabrics from fashion companies.