Seen on ART Rotterdam 2024

1 - 4 February 2024 
Booth 74

Artworks by Joana Schneider, Florentijn de boer, Julia Kiryanova, Kamila Sipika, Mel Chan, Jhonie van Boeijen, Chris Rijk,  Martijn Hesseling, Pedro Matias, Thordur Hans and Yamuna Forzani. Keep on following us to discover more!


At ART Rotterdam 2024, Rademakers Gallery will represent the theme 'I can buy myself flowers'. The theme aligns perfectly with the gallery's pillars, which focus on sustainability and empowering female artists. As a gallery by a female founder, we feel it is our duty to contribute to rectifying the skewed representation of male and female artists. Therefore, at art fairs, at least 60 percent of the artists we present are women. 

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