'Can you feel it?’: Solo by Ronald van der Kemp

22 May - 20 July 2024

The first solo exhibition by designer Ronald van der Kemp, Can you feel it will commence on Saturday, May 25th. In the current year, Rademakers Gallery aims to prioritize Art, Fashion, and Design while also emphasizing sustainability.


The art collection by Van der Kemp includes a handmade, tailored couture jacket in gold and black brocade with gold leather detailing. The ceramic buttons seem to be directly inspired by Dalí and the pockets contain real euro notes: the colourful shreds of paper money come from misprints of De Nederlandsche Bank. 'I like that: the value of paper gets a new value via devaluation'; says Van der Kemp Reproductions of old master paintings, rejected picture frames, recycled Plexiglas, ceramics, deadstock couture fabrics, objets trouvés, and all that’s deemed unusable are the base for
van der Kemp’s creative concoctions. A Wunderkammer of works of art and fashion
including refined couture, 3d collage paintings, ceiling art, mobiles, jewellery, and sculptures. Almost each piece is one of a kind with its perfect imperfections, lingering between fantasy and reality, driven by Van der Kemp’s pioneering ‘new ethics’ mission, without forcing the concept.

“I believe that thought-provoking intuitive creativity and aesthetics, which touches people underneath the skin, will lead to much needed awareness, empathy and behavioural change in society.”


'Can you feel it?’  a solo by Ronald Van der Kemp. Opening May for 25 from 16.00 onwards.