No Waste

3 September - 6 November 2021

The exhibition No Waste is all about sustainable art, recycled materials and ecofriendly production. We present the artists: Simone Post, Diederik Schneemann and Tomàš  Libertíny. 


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The exhibition shows various ways in which artists and designers deal with waste. Diederik Schneemann, for example, gives used materials a valuable new life by turning smurfs into a Ming vase or into a glittering chandelier from perfume bottles. Simone Post reuses old Vlisco materials to make her flower shaped textile art and Tomáš Libertíny even collaborates with nature by creating Honeycomb Amphora vases from beeswax with bee colonies. 


Textile and product designer Simone Post shows a variety of work on the gallery's top floor which has a common thread: whether it's a newly composed rug made of rejected cowhide, discarded Adidas sneakers or Vlisco residuals, she is always looking for the hidden beauty and value of the materials labeled as waste. Post gives these residual flows a new life in which the previous life has not been brushed away or destroyed, but processed into colourful, aesthetic and layered products with a new eternal value. For this, she researches into colors and self-invented techniques, in which she attaches great value to experiments, the process and a high degree of craftsmanship.



Central to the exhibition is a series of wall works with the title Wildflowers. The carefully selected strips of residual textiles with colorful wax prints from the Vlisco factory, are wrapped with a self-invented technique until new organic flower and plant shapes, starfish and other organisms are created.


In these small compositions you will also find the original life, as well as her fascination for nature. “We completely disrupt nature with our waste, but at the same time nature is more powerful than we are. Something that perishes or decays always produces something new. That's how I deal with waste by carefully and lovingly let grow something beautiful out of material that is usually called old, ugly or not perfect enough and is therefore burned or dumped," says the designer.