BIG - size does matter: Big art, XXL

7 April - 7 May 2022

An exhibition with artworks that are larger than life.


As the title suggests, Rademakers Gallery is showing works of art of a big, bigger and biggest format for the new exhibition 'Size does matter - Big Art, XXL'. Upstairs in the 'on stage' section of the gallery, new and existing XL works by both young artists and established names are presented: Iwan Smit, Esmee Seebregts, Jeroen van Kesteren and Celia Hadeler.

The emerging talent Iwan Smit shows, among other things, three-dimensional narrative light works in which he combines perspex, wood and LED light. For example, the sculptural artwork 'Good Omens' is an impressive eye-catcher with a height of more than 2.7 meters. In it he shows symbolic luck with which we try to ward off bad luck: a four-leaf clover, a white dove of peace and a Maneki Neko, the Chinese lucky cat. His way of investigating past events and feelings often results in these kinds of colorful worlds with a dark twist. He mixes highbrow with lowbrow, cartoons with mythology and allows contrasts to flow together smoothly. His created worlds are full of energy, colorful, light and airy, but also show a downside by incorporating heavy themes such as fear, torment and mortality.


The young female artist Esmee Seebregt also uses a lot of color, showing the unpredictable power. For her huge works entitled 'Colorcircle' she produces her own paint with pure pigments. With this she manages to create circles that are characterized by a large degree of depth and intensity. The colors seem to pulse, move, pull, push and radiate. They seduce, deceive, enchant and allow the viewer to completely lose themselves in them.

Installation Views