Florentijn de Boer

26 February - 26 March 2022

We present an exhibition of one of our young female artists, Florentijn de Boer. De Boer's  otherworldy paintings are joined by Nadja Schlenker's  scupltural installations, while downstairs we bring together the textile creations of  Mae Engelgeer and Jan Koen Lomans. 


Florentijn De Boer's colourful, abstract paintings invite the viewer to observe and experience the world in an unconventional manner. Her new work is her most personal until now; it derives from a childlike curiosity and an exploratory mood inspired by the standpoint of her newly born son. At the same time this work is very intimate because it marks a transitional period in her life during which she has to combine motherhood with her career as an artist. 


Nadja Schlenker' works reach from smaller objects and sculptures to large scale installations that invite to move through, discover and experience. In her practice, Nadja Schlenker is moving between art, design and architecture and creates works that can be looked at as sculptures, but that can often be used as functional pieces, too.


Mae Engelgeer’s work embraces subtle colour palettes, patterns and linear elements. Complex compositions merge with perfection to establish harmony. Creative explorations into the contrasting of materials and textures result in works that luxurious in their tactility and dimensionality.


Jan Koen Lomans has always been fascinated by the various stages of nature, such as birth, rebirth, transition and transience. In his work, he presents these themes in a range of ways, making them tangible in installations, where textile often is the chosen material.  Lomans combines research and technology with art, something that makes his work unique and innovative.