Silvia B. lives and works in Rotterdam. She is mostly known for her meticulously crafted sculptures of hybrid creatures between different ages, genders and cultures, between man and doll or man and animal. 

Currently she works on a series of sculptures fusing the vulnerability of young millennials with that of naked trees. Having studied fashion and sculpture she is a sensitive observer of human behavior and representation. Her work reflects nowadays dilemma's. At present we have to live up to all our goals to live our life to the fullest, be healthy, happy, beautiful, love our work and explore the world. At the same time we have to downsize, shop and eat conscious, minimize our carbon foot print and save the environment. Silvia B. denotes the full split of contemporary life and by merging carefully the conflicting parts she tries to find a new balance. This results in a series beautifully made sculptures expressing both the drama and the joy of life.


Our relationship with animals and with our own animal origins is another existential issue. According to Silvia, cultivated man is still an animal, driven by instinctive fears and desires. People do display a strong herd instinct, such as in following trends, like the present desire to have completely hairless bodies. Silvia B.’s work regularly features hirsute individuals – people who were often exhibited in traveling circuses. This prompted her to create the series Le CIRQUE.

Le CIRQUE is a melancholy series of children with animal-like skins and animals that display human-like behavior, against the backdrop of the circus. The tragicomedy aspect of circuses and the dubious willingness of the actors involved demanded the color black. Viewers really have to zoom in and concentrate in order to be able to see the creatures properly. And then they notice they are not performing, they are waiting, they are all at pause. 

In addition to the actors, she became interested in the scenes where such amusement takes places. She decided to present the photographs without color, light, people, movement, thus without actual amusement. The silence of downtime after closing and before opening time. Silvia B. reflected on the midst of the financial crisis, in which these series were created, with this dark pause that brings instinctive and intuitive layers that lie within us to the surface.