Jill Louise Verweijen

Jill Louise Verweijen (1992) is an artist, photographer and video maker living and working in the Netherlands.

She is a newly graduate from the Royal Academy in The Hague.

Staging news related stories as an absurd and humorist alternative reality, is her way of showing the frustration and fascination she has towards these hot topics. It has to be dark, comical and fascinating. Each time a different story.


#RIP is the title of the graduation work of Verweijen. The title already bears a deliberate reverence to contemporary e-culture where secularization is a total fact and proven rituals and traditions around death are lost. In an age where identity is more and more conceived as a personal construction, everything needs to be epic in our event driven culture, so also our funeral. It becomes a means to express your personality at your last  moment of fame.