Colette Vermeulen

Colette Vermeulen, originally from the Netherlands, studied fashion design at Artez Institute of the Arts before moving to London in 2010, to complete a masters degree at Royal College of Art. 
After graduation Colette immediately started working as a fashion designer for Acne, Roksanda and Emanuel Ungaro.
Since 2016 Colette is based in Germany and working as a multidisciplinary artist and designer. In her autonomous work she experiments with collage, print, furniture and textile design.


Being a former fashion designer, paper collages have proven to be a great medium for Colette, allowing her a spontaneous, direct and instinctual expression of ideas. Colette is intrigued by the handcrafted, raw and to some extent unrefined base materials, directly referring to the the origin of the product and its maker, showing the the manual labor and artisan aspect of each design. Simplified forms, rich in colour and textures are her signature.
These series of collages are inspired on a stay in the Arizona desert as an artist residency at the Frank Lloyd Wright school of Architecture - Taliesin West. Colette was struck by the wide landscape, never ending horizon and the intense sunsets and moonrises that happen simultaneously. She started sketching the horizons with coloured torn and cutout paper. 
Her experience of working in Frank Lloyd Wright’s drafting studio influenced the architecture of her artwork: “The way Frank Lloyd Wright abstracted nature was a big source of inspiration. Each shape in nature can be brought back to pure elementary forms like circles and triangles. It has also encouraged me to eliminate superfluous aspects and to free my images of the sense of perspective. It gives the viewer a feeling of being sucked into the images and to be dissolved into them.  Dissecting all of the elements of the landscape and organizing and framing them into a new image is a transaction of the real world into her interior experience.