Luca Pignatelli

Luca Pignatelli (1962), born in Milan and currently living and working in Italy, entered the Politecnico di Milano in the 1980’s to study architecture. Art had always been a part of his life, since his father worked as a painter and sculptor. However, after Pignatelli grew older, he developed his own artistic ideas.


Inspired by the concept of the sedimentary growth of history, the artist believes that painting has a special relationship with time: the simultaneous presence of elements and forms attributed to different periods is not just imagined but is quite real and pervades his work. Pignatelli creates large scale works and uses unconvetional materials that have an innate pictorial quality, such as tarpaulins, wood and iron, and assembled pieces of paper onto which he applies his repertoire of images. This ‘catalogue’ of disparate images includes mechanical devices, ships, planes, urban landscapes and objects that contain echoes of the ancient world such as ruins, sculptures of Roman emperors, and horse-drawn chariots. Since the 1990s the work of Luca Pignatelli has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries all over the world.