Dagmar van Weeghel

Dagmar van Weeghel (1974), born in leeuwarden and currently living and working in The Netherlands, graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy of the Amsterdam University of the Arts in 1998.


After some years of working as a TV & film professional, Van Weeghel moved to Africa to work on film projects with local communities. In 2015, she began to focus on photography. The recurrent theme in her artistic work is her interest in history, heritage, the diaspora and identity related issue. Women are often central in the compositions and the narratives of Van Weeghel's photography. The photographer prefers to work with ‘real’ people; the models are not mere props posing to bring about a beautiful image, but they are people who deal with the realities of the themes Van Weeghel brings to the fore. The artist considers her projects to be a collaborative form of storytelling that combines her personal stories with the portrayed's lived experiences. She once said, "I desire to offer another perspective of the way people see the world and each other, through the stories I tell visually". The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art (MoCADA) has acquired several of her photographs.