Jan Koen Lomans (1978), born in Rotterdam and currently living and working in The Netherlands, studied at the St. Joost Arts Academy in Breda and Den Bosch and graduated in 2006 in textile tapestry.


Lomans has always been fascinated by the various stages of nature, such as birth, rebirth, transition and transience. In his work, he presents these themes in a range of ways, making them tangible in installations, where textile often is the chosen material. In order to transform ideas in to art, the artist does research and collaborates with various craftsmen, artists and scientists. This often leads to surprising production techniques. For example, in the series Mindful Cloud he worked with an enormous laser machine, the GraphixScan 1800 from the University of Wales, enabling him to create ‘melting structures’ with very large surfaces. Lomans combines research and technology with art, something that makes his work unique and innovative. His work has been bought by the Central Museum Utrecht.