Matthaeus Kostner

Matthaeus Kostner (1973), born Val Gardena, Italy and currently living and working in Italy, studied sculpture at the Art Institute in Ortisei. After graduating, he spent many years gaining experience; he improved his sculpting skills at his uncle’s workshop, worked as an assistant for sculpting and painting classes at the Art Institute in Ortisei, developed wooden toys at the Sevi Design Studio.


In 2002, Kostner opened his own photography studio in Ortisei. The artist combines conceptional approaches with technical talent, creating artworks with a message. He spends much time travelling for work, which made him curious about the way other people travel and experience their trips or vacations. This led him to the “meeting point” project, for which he stopped tourists in Salzburg asking for their photos. In his series, he works together all the photos from a single holiday or day trip to form one single picture. At first glance, the viewer notices colours and structures; when looking more intensively  they will discover more and more details and start a journey into the photograph. Kostner likes to find new ways to show the usual, elevate the everyday or normal to something special, surprising and emotional.