Caroline Van Hoek

Caroline Van Hoek (1970), currently living and working in Belgium.


She was originally trained to take over her father's business and had already pursued a career in an international maritime business world for 20 years.
After recurring breaks in black and white analog photography at St Lucas, fashion at Jurgi Persoons and an Iyengar yoga course in Amsterdam, she decided in 2007 to go her own way and without any experience opened a gallery in international contemporary jewel in the heart of the art world in Brussels.
Previously, she took a basic goldsmith course at Alchimia in Firenze to understand what she would represent. Already in 2011 her gallery participated annually in international fairs such as Design Miami / Basel and PAD London / Paris.
From 2013 to 2016 she regularly experimented in the studio of Nico Delaide to enjoy his technical knowledge and to understand her profession even better. After 10 years, she had reached a glass ceiling with her gallery in Brussels and decided to close October 2017.

She installed a basic studio at home and suddenly found a personal identity in her work.
Since 2018 she attended workshops with Giovanni Corvaja annually and only in 2019 she decided to make her own work public during Design Miami Basel.